Aquiss Business Broadband Packages

Does your business need reliable broadband? Whether you are new to broadband or want to switch from your current provider we have a broadband package with the service you need.

We always enable services at the fastest possible speed that your telephone line can support, making our packages the ideal solution for video conferencing, voip calls and delivery, downloading or uploading files as well as email and general web browsing.

We've got an option for you. Compare our packages below or read more about the benefits of business broadband from Aquiss.


Free Broadband Migration from BT based services

Minimum Contract Period

1 Month

1 Month

1 Month

1 Month

Downstream Line Sync

Up to 20 Mbps

Up to 20 Mbps

Up to 20 Mbps

Up to 20 Mbps

Upstream Line Sync

Up to 1.4 Mbps

Up to 1.4 Mbps

Up to 1.4 Mbps

Up to 1.4 Mbps

Monthly Peak Usage Allowance

15 GB

45 GB

90 GB

135 GB

Unlimited Overnight Off-Peak Usage Allowance

Unlimited Weekend Off-Peak Usage Allowance

Static IP Address (IPv4 or IPv6) Allocation

Aquiss Email and Protection Pack

UK Based Customer Sales and Support


Understanding monthly usage allowances
Our business broadband packages come with an inclusive monthly peak usage allowance. This usage is consumed by both downloading and uploading data between the hours of 8.00am until 8.00pm, Monday to Friday. At all other times we offer an relaxed unlimited off-peak period. The off-peak period could be used to schedule Windows Updates, Off-site backups or similar which are generally quite large.

Understanding line sync and expected speeds
The actual speed achieved depends upon the distance from the exchange and quality of the telephone line. At certain times, congestion within the network may also result in reduced speeds. In all cases we will provide you with an estimated "sync range" that your telephone line will support prior to agreeing a contract with ourselves. Nationally, 10% of our customers receive throughput speeds above 10.09 Mbit/s on ADSL2+ connections and 3.58 Mbit/s on ADSL connections. These figures are correct as of March 2012. If you wish to discuss the quality of your line in technical detail, please do get in touch. We will happily go into detailed specifics.

Are there any other options I can think about?
Our business broadband packages come with a range of options that can be added at any time. You can upgrade from a single static IP to a no-nat range of 8 static IPs for 2.00 a month (10.00 one-off setup charge). If you want BT Openreach to repair reported faults quicker, then you can upgrade your line to include Enhanced Care for 12.00 a month or if you wish to ensure BT maintain a higher network quality on your line, consider adding Elevated Best Efforts for 6.00 a month. If your unsure what any of this means, then do get in touch.
- You can upgrade from our standard SMTP service to Authenticated SMTP (send emails through Aquiss from your mobile!) for 1.00 a month.

Available payment options
Monthly payments can be made securely via our online e-billing platform using a wide range of credit and debt card payment options. Payments can also be made via BACS, Standing Orders or PayPal arrangements.

Further thoughts or questions?
It is more than likely that you are looking for some specific information or generally have a few unanswered questions that we have not managed to get squeezed onto this page. We are a friendly bunch, so don't be shy, give us a call on 01746 708090 or drop us an email on

The Small Print and Highlighted Key Facts

The following section is a little more technical, but fear not, if you are unsure of any of the contents, please do get in touch with our customer services team. We are always only to happy to help translate this into understandable context.

The maximum speed you will receive is dependent on a mixture of conditions. However, we will automatically attempt to activate your service at the fastest possible speeds, up to 24Mbps. If your exchange is yet to be enabled with ADSL2+ technology, we will enable your line up to 8Mbps via ADSL technology and upgrade the line as soon as upgrades are completed at your telephone exchange.

In all cases we will provide you with an estimated range of speeds that your line will support prior to agreeing a contract with ourselves.

The inbound migration charge of a current active BT based broadband service to Aquiss is 0.00 FREE. Migration from a non BT based broadband service (LLU service) will be chargeable at 41.63. Activation of broadband on a telephone line where no broadband currently exists will be chargeable at 41.63 (one-off). Ceasing the broadband service in full (no outbound migration) will be subject to a 25.00 (one-off) Broadband Cease Charge, otherwise migrating away from Aquiss via the use of a valid MAC Key that we supply will not be charged. Moving the broadband service to another property (house move) will be subject to a 68.04 one-off charge.

No router or modem is provided by Aquiss. The Aquiss service will work with all UK approved ADSL routers.

All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated and are shown in GBP. E & OE.

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