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Aquiss 24Mbps Trials Start
Posted on 16, Oct, 2007

Aquiss are pleased to be part of the WBC (Wholesale Broadband Connect) Service Trial which commences on 1 November 2007.

Only a small selection of ISPs are participating in the trial, which include Aquiss.

The trial will offer downstream rates of upto 24Mbps, upstream rates are expected to be 448Kbp/s initially, however higher upstream rates of 2Mbps are being investigated.

The trial will start with the following 10 exchanges in the Birmingham area: (Stechford, Halesowen, Sheldon, Wood Gate, Castle Bromwich, Chelmsley Wood, Burntwood, Edgbaston, Victoria and Central)

During the Service Trial it will not be possible to migrate from existing IPStream, Datastream or LLU lines, only connections that will be provided on brand new PSTN lines will be within the scope of the trial.

Aquiss, via BT will provide trialists with a new PSTN line for the trial purposes only. This will not affect any existing PSTN/Broadband service that you currently have already contracted.

How to participate in the trial:
If you are on one of the above exchanges and would like to participate in the trial, please contact Aquiss on 01746 708090.

Explanation of line rate and throughput:
WBC is a rate adaptive product which can offer Advanced ADSL service (ADSL2+), the actual line rate is dependant on line length, line condition, End User wiring and CPE. You will need to ensure that you have ADSL2+ compatible hardware.

The first stage is to get the new PSTN installed, a deadline of 19 October 2007 has been set to give the trialist information to BT.

Free Regrades to Max and Max Premium Packages
Posted on 09, Oct, 2007

We are pleased to advise that with effect from 9 October 2007 regrades to any of our MAX or MAX Premium product ranges from a old style classic Home/Office 500/1000/2000 (non max) will be free of charge.

The free regrade offer is applicable to all MAX/MAX Premium regrade orders that are completed and closed by 31 March 2008.

BT have intimated that they will be discontinuing the fixed rate products (Home/Office 500/1000/2000), therefore we strongly recommend regrading as many of your connections as possible to MAX/MAX Premium over the forthcoming months for free.

If you have bonded connections please do NOT regrade these to MAX at this time, we anticipate that BT will introduce enhancements to the MAX products to allow these connections to be regraded in the future following our representations to them.

Introducing a Bright New Start
Posted on 19, Jun, 2006

Aquiss offers both the small business and professional home user a range of value for money “up to 8Mbps” broadband packages with reliable connections and feature packed hosting solutions with complete control panel management.

With hundreds of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the UK, both large and small, choosing the right ‘solution provider’ for your requirements can be extremely difficult. At Aquiss we combine a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide internet solutions for the professional home and small business community.

The mission statement which we have chosen to accept is simple: ‘to provide our customers with the best quality internet based products and services at the best possible realistic price.’ complete services such as broadband and web hosting are already on offer with more to follow.

An aggressive and challenging mission statement some may say. However, at Aquiss we strongly believe that a fair percentage of the industry has lost its way, forgotten its roots and, forgotten that customers come first. So with this in mind, we are happy to accept the challenge.

At Aquiss every customer is treated as an individual, not as one of millions. Each problem is handled individually; for every problem is different as every customer is different. At Aquiss, you will not be presented with what we call 'script readers' but rather, we can guarantee that our highly trained support team are UK based and know their way around our equipment, servers and products.

Paul Thompson, Aquiss’ Customer Services Manager commented “We are proud to be different. Every customer is allocated a Point of Contact Account Manager who will engage and develop their ideas into a working solution and, may be reached either via e-mail or, a simple Local Rate 0845 telephone call. We do not operate on either National or Premium call rate phone lines.” Paul continued “All but a handful of our packages are based on 30 Day contracts, ensuring minimal commitment for our customers. After all, circumstances change all the time.”

Migrating to Aquiss Broadband is free via the use of a Migration Authorisation Code (MAC) Key and usually takes around 7 working days to be completed. With the personal touch that Aquiss gives, you’re in great hands.

Aquiss, Aquissly different.

www: http://www.aquiss.net
tel: 0845 868 9887 (local rate)
e-mail: support@aquiss.net

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